Famous Lasts The Last Shot Fired in World War II

About the last shot fired in World War II, history and information about the famous last.


The final shot was not a bullet--it was a torpedo, fired from the U.S. submarine Torsk at 2117 hours Greenwich Civil Time on Aug. 14, 1945, during a battle against several Japanese ships. The torpedo sank a Japanese coastal defense frigate. At least one American ship fired its guns in anger after the official end of the war--2300 hours on Aug. 14, 1945. Again in Japanese waters, at 0418 hours on Aug. 15, the U.S.S. Heerman, although fully aware of the surrender, became suspicious of an approaching aircraft and called "general quarters." As the Japanese plane closed in, it appeared to be preparing for a suicide dive, so the Heerman opened fire and "splashed" it.

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