Famous People's Cause of Death D. H. Lawrence

About the famous writer D. H. Lawrence, biography, history and cause of death.



Born: Sept. 11, 1885

Died: Mar. 2, 1930

Cause of Death: Pleurisy and tuberculosis

Physician's Notes: The raging iconoclast who was forever smashing social and sexual taboos with books such as Lady Chatterley's Lover suffered a severe attack of bronchitis when he was but two weeks old. As a young boy he developed a nervous, hacking cough, and at 17 came down with pneumonia. In 1916 he was advised that he had tuberculosis, but he made no attempt to combat the disease. By 1925 his condition had worsened to the point where doctors gave him only a year or two to live. In 1926 he had a bronchial hemorrhage, and a year later an even more violent hemorrhage, which doctors said would have killed an average man. He finally consented to enter a sanatorium in 1930, but he had been suffering from tuberculosis almost 15 years, and it was too late to arrest the disease. At the famous tuberculosis retreat Ad Astra, in southern France, Lawrence had an attack of pleurisy which precipitated a relapse, and he died a few days later. His last words were "I am better now."

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