Famous People's Cause of Death F. Scott Fitzgerald

About the famous American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald, biography, history and cause of death.



Born: Sept. 24, 1896

Died: Dec. 21, 1940

Cause of Death: Heart attack

Physician's Notes: The chronicler (This Side of Paradise, The Great Gatsby) and eventual casualty of the raucous Jazz Age missed his junior year at Princeton because of a mild attack of malaria. In 1929 he had a tubercular hemorrhage, and X rays revealed scars from attacks as early as 1919. During the early 1930s, he was attacked by depression, insomnia, and guilt over his wife Zelda's being committed to an asylum. He tried to pass himself off as only a social drinker, while secretly bribing waiters to bring him glasses of straight gin in lieu of water. "I have drunk too much and that is certainly slowing me up. On the other hand, without drink I do not know whether I could have survived this time," he said in 1933. In 1935 he had another flare-up of tuberculosis. Back in the hospital in 1939, he blamed the stay on tuberculosis, but friends suspected alcoholism. Most of his life he suffered from an oversecretion of insulin (hyperinsulinism), which contributed to his need for alcohol. It also resulted in low blood sugar, which explained his craving for CocaCola and heavily sweetened coffee and his near addiction to fudge. In late November, 1940, he had his first serious heart attack. He stopped drinking and stayed in bed to work on his ultimately unfinished novel, The Last Tycoon. Just before Christmas he suffered another massive heart attack and died. At that time, not one of his books was in print.

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