Famous People's Cause of Death Martin Luther

About the famous religious figure Martin Luther, biography, history and cause of death.



Born: Nov. 10, 1483

Died: Feb. 18, 1546

Cause of Death: Heart failure

Physician's Notes: Although his "95 Theses" instigated the Reformation which eventually led to the enlightenment, he was convinced the devil dwelt inside his very own body from time to time. Throughout his life, Luther suffered from severe constipation, and it is a recorded fact that he received his greatest enlightenment--that it is man's faith and not his achievements that guarantee his salvation--while he was sitting on the toilet. Again, it was while straining to evacuate his bowels that he had his vision of the devil. The devil would whistle and roar in his ears, squeeze his heart, and sometimes spin so fast in his head that Luther would fall out of his chair. Modern physicians have speculated that Luther was probably suffering from Meniere's disease, which attacks the middle ear, causing serious equilibrium problems. In 1541 he became deaf, after experiencing bad earaches and a discharge from his ears. A highly volatile personality, he had extremely high blood pressure, which led to angina pectoris, a heart disease causing spasms of pain in the chest. His diseased heart finally failed, and he lost consciousness and died with his friends shouting questions into his deaf ears. They wanted to know whether his faith in Christ remained steadfast as he approached the end. His last word, spoken to those questioning his faith, was yes.

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