Famous People's Dreams Author Charles Dickens

About the dreams of the famous author Charles Dickens and Miss Napier.


Well-Known Persons Record Their Dreams

Charles Dickens (1812-1870): Miss Napier

On Thursday night of last week, being at the office here, I dreamed that I saw a lady in a red shawl with her back towards me (whom I supposed to be E.). On her turning round I found that I didn't know her, and she said, "I am Miss Napier." All the time I was dressing next morning, I thought--what a preposterous thing to have so very distinct a dream about nothing! and why Miss Napier? for I never heard of any Miss Napier. That same Friday night I read. After the reading, came into my retiring-room Miss Boyle and her brother, and the Lady in the red shawl whom they present as "Miss Napier"!

These are all the circumstances exactly told.

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