Famous Psychics Nostradamus Part 1

About the famous seer and psychic Nostradamus biography and history of the man who could see the future.

NOSTRADAMUS (1503-1566)

In his own day Nostradamus was acknowledged as the greatest seer alive, and even today he is often labeled as the most important prophet of European civilization. Many of his predictions, which were made public in the 1550s, appear to have come true. Nostradamus accurately foretold and gave the date of the Great Fire of London (1666). In another prediction, he noted that "Pasteur will be celebrated as a godlike figure." He prophesied that a man named Franco would cause a civil war in Spain. Another prophecy stated that an Austrian-born man named "Hister" (Hitler) would lead Germany in a great war but that "most of the battlefield will be against him." Nostradamus's uncanny ability to describe events and give names and dates for happenings that occurred nearly 400 years after his death makes it impossible to dismiss him as a charlatan.

Born Dec. 13, 1503, at St. Remy, in southern France, Michel de Nostredame--he later used the Latin form of his name, Nostradamus--was the son of a well-to-do notary public. Both of his grandfathers were doctors in the court of King Rene of Provence. These two men were friends who shared an interest in astrology and who both had occasional rare visions of the future. As a child, Nostradamus was educated by these grandfathers in Hebrew, Latin, Greek, astronomy, and astrology. Reputedly he also inherited from his grandfathers ancient Persian and Egyptian books on astrology, which, after committing them to memory, he burned.

Despite the strong influence of occultism in his youth, Nostradamus became a devout Catholic who wanted to be a doctor, not an astrologer. At the age of 21, he attended medical school at the University of Montpellier, which was one of the best in Europe at that time. After Nostradamus had spent two years at Montpellier, the Black Plague broke out and spread through southern France. The young medical student left college and began tramping through the countryside treating plague victims. Little is known concerning his methods, but in four years as a traveling unlicensed doctor, he was highly successful in arresting the plague.

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