Famous Psychics Nostradamus Part 2

About the famous seer and psychic Nostradamus biography and history of the man who could see the future.

NOSTRADAMUS (1503-1566)

His work during the plague won him fame throughout France. Wherever he went, he was warmly welcomed, and women persistently chased the shy bachelor doctor. Returning to Montpellier, he passed his oral examinations and was given his degree in medicine. In 1529 the brilliant young doctor set up a practice in Agen, France. There he fell in love with a seductive young woman named Andriete de Loubejac. When Andriete became pregnant, the couple married. However, after two years of happily married life, Nostradamus's wife and two infant sons suddenly died of a strange disease, despite his frantic attempts to save them.

Heartbroken and blaming himself for the loss of his wife and children, Nostradamus left Agen and traveled around France and Italy. For 10 years he aimlessly drifted from city to city, occasionally practicing medicine and consulting with philosophers and astrologers. During this period, he increasingly experienced visions of the future and made predictions to amuse his friends. While in Italy, Nostradamus encountered a party of Franciscan friars. He walked up to one of them, a young boy named Felice Peretti, and knelt before him. When questioned about his behavior, he replied, "I must kneel before His Holiness." In 1585, 19 years after Nostradamus's death, Felice Peretti was elected Pope Sixtus V.

As his visions became more frequent, Nostradamus feared that he was possessed by the devil. Retiring to the Abbey of Orval, he lived as a monk and discussed the matter with the abbot. Eventually he and the abbot decided his prophetic gift came from heaven, not from hell. Nostradamus also believed that he had inherited his powers from his grandfathers.

Soon after leaving the monastery, Nostradamus went to Marseilles, where a plague had broken out. Again he was successful in stopping the epidemic. The city's government and wealthy citizens gratefully awarded him large sums of money, which he gave to the widows and orphans of plague victims. In 1544 he settled in Salon, France, set up a new medical practice, and married a woman named Anne Jumelle. In Salon, Nostradamus started to practice astrology actively in his study on the top floor of his house. Late at night, he stared into a brass bowl which was filled to the brim with water and mounted on a tripod. In a self-imposed hypnotic trance, he gazed into the bowl for hours each night.

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