Famous Religious Conversions Elijah Muhammad

About the famous religious convert Elijah Muhammad what religion he converted from and to and why.


ELIJAH MUHAMMAD, U.S., 1897-1975.

Born Elijah Poole, son of a Baptist preacher, he developed the Nation of Islam (Black Muslims) in the U.S.

From: Baptist Church.

To: Islam (Black Muslims).

Why: Seeking a viable alternative to Christianity as the solution to the blacks' problems in the U.S., Poole became a follower of Wali Farad, who founded the Nation of Islam. Poole became Farad's assistant, and when Farad disappeared under mysterious circumstances, Poole deified Farad as Allah and proclaimed himself Allah's Messenger, or Muhammad. Elijah Muhammad believed and demonstrated that Islam could sustain black pride and self-sufficiency and could appeal to underemployed black city dwellers.

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