Famous Religious Conversions Elizabeth of Bohemia

About the famous religious convert Elizabeth of Bohemia what religion she converted from and to and why.


ELIZABETH OF BOHEMIA, Bohemian, 1618-1680.

Princess palatine of the Rhine, she was a friend of Rene Descartes and her ideas contributed to his Treatise on the Passions. She was converted to Quakerism when very old and the abbess of a Lutheran convent.

From: Lutheranism.

To: Society of Friends (Quakers).

Why: George Fox (the founder of Quakerism) and Robert Barclay (Quaker evangelist) visited Princess Elizabeth while she was abbess of the Lutheran convent of Herford. Elizabeth had long been interested in philosophy and world religion, and she took up the Quaker cause, though there is no record that she left the convent. She died shortly thereafter, and the Friends still claim her as a member.

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