Famous Religious Conversions Sammy Davis, Jr.

About the famous religious convert Sammy Davis, Jr. what religion he converted from and to and why.


SAMMY DAVIS, JR., U.S., 1925-

Singer, actor.

From: No affiliation. (Davis's mother was a Roman Catholic and his father was a Baptist, but he was not reared in either faith.)

To: Judaism.

Why: Davis said that he first learned to pray after the accident in which he lost one eye. Gradually he developed a religious fervor that wanted to take form in affiliation with an organized faith which did not make demands on his individual conscience. Through personal contacts, reading, and studying, Davis developed an interest in Judaism and took instruction from Rabbi Nussbaum in Hollywood, who converted him formally some time after Davis began attending services and identifying as a Jew. Nussbaum felt that Davis's conversion was unique among Hollywood celebrities, because it did not arise from marriage and child-rearing conflicts.

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