Famous Religious Conversions T.S. Eliot

About the famous religious convert T.S. Eliot what religion he converted from and to and why.


T. S. ELIOT, British (U.S.-born), 1888-1965.

Poet, playwright, and critic, he won the Nobel prize for literature in 1948.

From: Unitarianism.

To: Anglo-Catholicism.

Why: Eliot's great-grandfather was William Eliot, a Unitarian minister who founded Washington University. Eliot grew up in the Unitarian faith, which fostered his intellectualism and social concern. Eliot believed that man was alienated by his society, and his feeling for this human condition began to take a traditional religious turn. Traditions and sacraments, Eliot felt, embodied the values that gave life purpose and meaning and did so in a form man could grasp. This search for tradition led Eliot to become a British subject and an Anglo-Catholic member of the Church of England.

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