Famous Rulers in History Empress Dowager of China Tzu Hsi Part 7

About the famous Chinese Empress Dowager Tzu Hsi, some quotes and quotations by and about Tzu Hsi.


Quotes By: "Do you know, I have often thought that I am the cleverest woman who ever lived and that others cannot compare with me. Although I have heard much about Queen Victoria . . . still I don't think her life is half as interesting and eventful as mine. Now look at me, I have 400 million people all dependent on my judgment."

"It is a miracle, the miracle of life. One feels very close to all living things at such a time [the opening of the lotus at dawn]."

"Never should the word peace fall from the mouths of our highest officials. . . . With such a country as ours, with her vast areas . . . her immense natural resources, and her hundreds of millions of inhabitants, if all would prove their loyalty to their emperor and love of their country, what indeed is there to fear from any strong invader? Let us not think of making peace, nor rely solely upon diplomatic maneuvers."

"The foreigners are like fish in the stew pan. For 40 years have I lain on brushwood and eaten bitterness because of them."

On her deathbed: "Looking back upon the memories of the last 50 years. I perceive how calamities from within and aggression from without have come upon us in relentless succession, and that my life had never engaged a moment's respite from anxiety."

Quotes About: By an official, describing her in a fit of temper: "[Her eyes] poured out straight rays; her cheekbones were sharp and the veins on her forehead projected; she showed her teeth as if she were suffering from lockjaw."

Tutor to Kuang Hsu: "In the morning an order is issued; in the evening it is changed. Unavoidably outsiders will laugh. But there is nothing that can be done about it."

A member of the court: "She is very changeable; she may like one person today, tomorrow she hates the same person worse than poison."

An attendant: "It was a characteristic of Her Majesty to experience a keen sense of enjoyment at the troubles of other people."

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