Famous Rulers in History The Shah of Iran Part 5

About the famous Persian ruler the Shah in Iran, little-known facts, quotes and quotations by and about the Shah.


Little-Known Facts: The shah is a twin. His sister Ashraf was born first. If not for this fluke of gender, Ashraf would be shah today.

The shah used to be an avid poker player; that is, until he lost approximately $1.5 million in a poker game. Now he sticks to bridge.

The shah is a very mystical man. He once remarked, "From the time I was six or seven, I have felt that perhaps there is a supreme being who is guiding me." He claims to have had three visions of Islamic saints as a youth. The first occurred when he was suffering from typhoid fever, the second when he fell off a horse, and the third while he was walking in the garden.

Quotes By: "Women are important in a man's life only if they're beautiful and charming and keep their femininity. . . . What do these feminists want? What do you want? You say equality . . . . . You're equal in the eyes of the law but not, excuse my saying so, in ability."

"We wish to avoid at all costs the recurrent experience in some democratic countries where the people give the governments the opposition they deserve."

"Freedom of thought, freedom of thought! Democracy, democracy! With five-year-old children going on strike and parading through the streets. That's democracy? That's freedom?"

Quotes About: In the summer of 1974, U.S. Secretary of the Treasury William Simon was quoted as saying that he would bypass Iran during a trip to the Middle East because "The shah is a nut."

According to a former Iranian government official, "The trouble with the shah is his basic assumption that he can make vast economic changes in this country without making political changes as well."

Columnist Jack Anderson quoted a CIA psychological study of the shah that described him as "a brilliant but dangerous megalomaniac who is likely to pursue his own aims in disregard of U.S. interests."

Frances FitzGerald wrote in the Sept. 9, 1974, issue of Harper's Magazine, "As a young man the shah went in for horses, fast cars, airplanes, and numbers of women. Until the 1960s his reputation was for indecisiveness and even cowardice."

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