Famous Russian Leader in History Nikolai Lenin Part 6

About the famous Russian leader Nikolai Lenin, biography and history of the man, little-known facts and random trivia.


Little-Known Facts: Lenin had about 75 pseudonyms, including initials. Among them were Petrov, Tulin, Ilin, William Frey, Jacob Richter, Ivanov, I, L, and S. T. A.

He liked gadgets and tools. For example, he loved to sharpen pencils. His brother Dmitry said that he sharpened them with "a sort of special tenderness, so the letters came out like delicate threads." After he came into power, he installed many telephones, five in his office alone. He enjoyed making long-distance calls and referred to telephones as "she." When he and Trotsky found themselves working at opposite ends of a long corridor, he jokingly suggested that they use roller skates.

Lenin had soft spots in his personality. Trotsky said he "had a way of falling in love with people." One of those people was a police spy, Roman Malinovski, who infiltrated revolutionary ranks. Though evidence seemed to prove Malinovski was a spy, Lenin did not want to believe it. He was unfailingly kind to people who worked for him and treated peasants with extreme courtesy. He always sent his mother a letter on his father's name day, even though he was not religiously inclined.

All his life, he followed the same five-step plan for organizing material he wrote: a plan on a half-sheet of paper; a skeleton outline on the left hand side of a folded full sheet of paper; revisions on the right hand side; a draft in pencil; a final draft in ink.

Though he excelled at the study of languages in school, he had no facility for speaking them.

In spite of the fact that he believed in the liberation of women (at least to work), he was not above a male chauvinist remark. He once told Elizabeth de K., one of his mistresses, that he never knew a woman who could read Das Kapital straight through, figure out a railroad timetable, or play chess.

Lenin liked to ride bicycles.

He allowed nothing to move him from his political path. He said: "But I can't listen to music too often. It affects your nerves, makes you want to say stupid nice things and stroke the heads of people who could create such beauty while living in this vile hell. And now you mustn't stroke anyone's head--you might get your hand bitten off. . . ."

He had two mistresses. The first was Elizabeth de K., a wealthy, cultured divorcee to whom he once said, "It is quite obvious that you will never make a Social Democrat." Her reply: "And you-you will never be anything but a Social Democrat." The second was Inessa Armand, a committed French Bolshevik, who died of typhus in 1919.

He disliked having photographs of himself in the newspapers.

During the last year of his life, he spent much time gathering mushrooms.

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