Famous Russian Leader in History Nikolai Lenin Part 7

About the famous Russian leader Nikolai Lenin, quotes and quotations from and about Lenin.


Quotes By: "Revolutions are the locomotives of history. Drive them full speed ahead and keep them on the rails. . . ."

After the triumph of the Third International: "The ice is broken. The Soviets have conquered throughout the whole world. They have conquered first and foremost in the sense that they have won the sympathy of the proletarian masses. . . .Neither the bestiality of the imperialist bourgeoisie, nor the persecution and murder of Bolsheviks can take this conquest from the masses. . . . ."

Postscript to a letter dictated to the Central Committee on Dec. 23, 1922: "Stalin is too coarse, and this fault, though tolerable in dealings among us Communists, becomes unbearable in a General Secretary. Therefore I propose to the comrades to find some way of removing Stalin from his position and appointing somebody else who differs in all respects from Comrade Stalin in one characteristic-namely, someone more tolerant, more loyal, more polite and considerate to his comrades, less capricious, etc. This circumstance may seem to be a mere trifle, but I thin that . . . it is a trifle which may acquire a decisive importance."

Quotes About: Maksim Gorki: "Vladimir Ilich Lenin stood before me even more firm and more inflexible than he had been at the London Congress. In those days he had been very agitated, and there were moments when it was obvious that the party split had given him a difficult time. Now he was in a quiet, rather cold and mocking mood, sternly rejecting all philosophical conversations and altogether on the alert. And at the same time there was in Capri another Lenin-a wonderful companion and lighthearted person with a lively and inexhaustible interest in the world around him, and very gentle in his relations with people."

Viktor Chernov: "Lenin is an absolutely honest man, but a man with a one-track mind. For that reason his moral sense has been dulled. Lenin's socialism is a blunt socialism; he uses a big ax where a scalpel is needed."

Clara Zetkin, in 1919: "While Lenin was speaking, his face shrunk before my eyes. Furrows, great and small, innumerable, engraved themselves deeply on it. And every furrow was drawn by a grave trouble or a gnawing pain. . . . I was moved, shaken. In my mind I saw the picture of a crucified Christ of the medieval master Grunewald. I believe that the painting is known by the title The Man of Sorrows. . . . And as such a 'man of sorrows' Lenin appeared to me. burdened, pierced, oppressed with all the pain and all the suffering of the Russian working people."

Anatoli Vasilievich Lunacharski: "Lenin is not in the least ambitious. I believe he never looks at himself, never glances in the mirror of history, never even thinks about what posterity will say about him-he simply does his work."

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