Football History The Galloping Ghost Red Grange's Big Day Part 2

About the history of the Illinois-Michigan game where Red Grange established himself as the Galloping Ghost.


Red Grange's Day of Days (1924)

"After we took over the ball on downs, McIlwain hit right guard for a three-yard gain. On the next play I got away for another score as I stepped around left end, cut back, then circled behind my interference. When Britton made the extra point we led 14-0.

"I took Steger's third kickoff and ran it back to our twenty-yard line where I was tackled by the left guard Slaughter. After a five-yard penalty against Michigan for an offside, I picked up seven yards through right tackle. Britton punted sixty yards on third down and Rokusek downed the ball on Michigan's twenty-yard line. After a two-yard gain by Steger, Rockwell kicked back to our forty-three-yard line.

"Following McIlwain's plunge through left tackle for a yard, I was given the ball on Illinois' forty-four-yard line and took off around right end. When my blockers allowed the Michigan secondary to get outside of them, I cut back to the center of the field where I had a clear path to the goal line. Britton missed the point after touchdown and the score was Illinois 20, Michigan 0.

"When Steger kicked off for the fourth time the ball sailed beyond the goal and we took over on our twenty-yard line. Trying to break through the right side of the line, I was thrown for a five-yard loss. Britton then got off a long punt that was taken by Rockwell, but when he fumbled Rokusek recovered on Michigan's forty-five-yard line.

"On the next play we tried the identical maneuver that resulted in my last touchdown. Running wide around right end I cut back when the Michigan secondary was again drawn over to the sidelines. After sidestepping a few stray would-be tacklers in mid-field, I found easy sailing to another tally. Britton's kick was good and we led 27-0.

"When I got back to the fraternity house the place was in an uproar. The walls were literally bulging with alums, friends, Zeta Psi's from the Michigan chapter and more newspapermen. Escaping from all this posed a greater problem for me than eluding Michigan tacklers.

"Finally I managed to get up to my room and, after changing clothes, slipped out the kitchen door with one of my more understanding fraternity brothers. We had dinner by ourselves, then took in a movie. Returning about ten-thirty that night and finding conditions somewhat more peaceful, I went straight to bed."

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