Fred L. Worth's Collection of Fun and Bizarre Trivia Part 1

A collection of random facts and fun trivia from oddity hunter Fred L. Worth including trivia about movies, comic books, history and sports.


Fred L. Worth's 10 Best Oddities

A leading compiler of offbeat and obscure information, Fred L. Worth is the author of many books, including The Trivia Encyclopedia and Super Trivia.

1. Comic Strip. Texas Ranger John Reid, with the help of a childhood Indian friend named Tonto, vowed to avenge the deaths of his brother Capt. Thomas Reid and four other Texas Rangers. He decided to wear a mask and adopt the name the Lone Ranger. But where did John Reid get the mask he used as the Lone Ranger? The mask was made from the vest of his dead brother, Capt. Tom Reid.

2. Movies. Bet you can't name the first man to play James Bond. Sean Connery would be the obvious and correct answer had it not been for a single episode on the television series Climax which aired on Oct. 21, 1951. In that episode, titled "Casino Royale," Barry Nelson portrayed Ian Fleming's master spy.

3. Comic Books. Have you ever wondered why, when Clark Kent looks through his glasses while using his X-ray vision, his glasses don't melt? The glasses are specially made by Superman from the windshield that was on the space capsule in which his parents--Jor-El and Lara--sent him to earth when the planet Krypton was about to be destroyed.

4. Names. Mickey Mouse almost became Mortimer Mouse, Charlie Brown's beagle Snoopy almost became Sniffy, Archie Bunker was originally named Archie Justice, the Road Runner was once called Mimi but is now called Beep Beep, and Howdy Doody was originally called Elmer. Marshal Matt Dillon was called Mark Dillon on the first radio broadcast.

5. History. When Charles Lindbergh gave his Ryan airplane, The Spirit of St. Louis, its first test flight at San Diego on Apr. 28,1927, one of the Ryan employees pulled the blocks from the airplane's wheels. That employee was Douglas Corrigan, later to be known as Douglas "Wrongway" Corrigan. (See The People's Almanac 1, "Some 9-Day wonders," Chap. 24.)

6. Sports. Only one man is a member of both the National Football Foundation's Hall of Fame and the Basketball Hall of Fame--Amos Alonzo Stagg, who won 314 football games as coach. He was also elected to Basketball's Hall of Fame in 1959 as a contributor.

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