Free Trivia World's Simplest Quiz Part 2 Answers

Answers to a fun free trivia quiz which seeems like it could be the world's easiest.



1. 116 years, from 1337 to 1453.

2. November (on the 7th). Russia's calendar was 13 days behind.

3. Ecuador.

4. El Salvador. It's a medicinal herb grown by the Balsam Indians.

5. The Manx shearwater. Puffins are genus Fratercula or Lunda.

6. The sheep.

7. A hard-wearing cotton fabric called moleskin.

8. They're fruits grown in New Zealand.

9. Sixteen. The one known as Louis XVII died in prison during the Revolution, and thus never reached the throne.

10. A breed of large dogs. The Latin name was Canariae insulae--"Islands of Dogs."

11. Albert. When he came to the throne, he respected the wish of Queen Victoria that no future king should be called Albert.

12. The distinctively colored parts are crimson.

13. It takes place in the spring, from April 29 to May 1.

14. It is usually made of squirrel's hair.

15. 30 years, of course--1618 to 1648.

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