Fun Quiz Best of the Cokesbury Question Book Part 1

A fun quiz taken from the best of the Cokesbury Question Book with a variety of history and trivia questions.


1. Who engraved the plates for the first paper money issued by the Continental Congress, supervised the manufacture of gunpowder for the Colonial Army, and made the boiler for Robert Fulton's ferryboats?

2. What poet addressed poems to a mouse and a louse?

3. What territory did the U.S. purchase in 1917 for $25 million?

4. George Washington owned a set of the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Is this true or false?

5. Were natural sponges ever alive?

6. Can you name three or more presidents of the U.S. who never held any other elective office?

7. In the following list of words, all have something in common except one. You are to pick the word that is out of place: retreat, carpet, love, drum, spouse, egg.

8. What does a puddler do?

9. What does the Statue of Liberty hold in her left hand?

10. A boy took a book from the library with the words "How to Hug" printed on it. When he got it home, he found that it was not a treatise on how to hug at all. What was it?

11. What was the Diet of Worms?

12. What city in the world is situated on two continents?

13. How many people can the Empire State Building hold--10,000, 80,000, 100,000?

14. What proverb is camouflaged in the following poem?

Who counts ere fractured are the shells of his bipeds gallinaceous, Is apt to find his calculations utterly fallacious.

15. In an ordinary deck of playing cards, the jacks of hearts and spades are pictured in profile with only one eye visible, while the jacks of diamonds and clubs have two eyes showing. How many jacks' eyes are visible in a deck of cards?

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