Fun Quiz Famous Film Stars, Movie Names, and Trivia Part 1 Questions

A fun quiz about movie stars, names, trivia, and more.


Instructions. Try to recall the stage names of the famous people mentioned, and then guess the rest.

1. In 1939 two young stars, Joe Yule, Jr., and Frances Gumm, starred in a movie musical. Can you name the film, the stars, and the director?

2. What avant-garde film producer discovered Harold Ajzenberg and Isabelle Collin-Dufrense? By what names are they now known?

3. For years she appeared on a panel quiz show. Her real last name is Kazanjian. Who is she and what was the show?

4. The funny team of Crocetti and Levitch made 16 films together from 1949 to 1956. Who were they? Name the last nine of their films.

5. Two of the stars of a 1969 sex-sit-com film about musical beds were Natasha Gurdin and Elliott Goldstein. Remember the film? And the stars? And who were the other two leading players?

6. Michael Igor Peschkowsky directed Anna Maria Italiano in the role of a horny housewife in a 1967 film. Who are they? What was the film?

7. A big epic of the 1960s starred Michel Shalhoub. Where did it take place? Who directed it?

8. On a TV crime show, Ann Myrtle Swoyer had third billing to Roy Scherer Fitzgerald. What was the show? What was their relationship?

9. An award-winning 1961 film featured Natasha Gurdin singing opposite Rosita Alverio. Rosita won an Academy Award for her supporting role. Name the film.

10. A star-studded film of 1964 featured Charles Buchinsky and James Baumgardner as two prisoners of war. Who co-starred with them? What was the film?

11. Frederick Austerlitz danced with Tula Ellice Finklea in a 1953 film which was directed by Vincente Minnelli. By what names are they now known? What was the film?

12. Lucy Johnson--not the former president's daughter--was married to many famous men, among them Arthur Arshowsky. Can you identify him--and her other husbands?

13. Percy Faith made the theme song from the film starring Alexandra Zuck and Merle Johnson famous. The song was a big hit the summer of 1960. What was it?

14. Bernard Schwartz played the title role of a 1953 film about a famous vaudevillian, Ehrich Weiss. Who was the famous illusionist?

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