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About a variety of groups, meetings, organizations of clubs including the Inventors Workshop International with their history, membership numbers and contact information.


Inventors Workshop International, 121 N. Fir Street, Ventura, Calif. 93001. Founded in 1971 "to secure for its members and associates just and equitable remuneration and reward for their genius, labor, and efforts arising from or in connection with their inventions and discoveries, and to otherwise guide its members in the protection of such inventions and discoveries." Among the services offered by the group is a personal evaluation report, which gives the inventor an objective view of the value of his or her idea or invention. Has a "hot line" phone number so members can get immediate help on any invention-related problems. Official publication is The Lightbulb, which contains workshop news, up-to-date information on legislation affecting the inventor, answers to questions sent in by members, and announcements of upcoming events. Sponsors an annual awards dinner, periodic seminars, and an annual inventors' exposition. Members include former astronaut Edwin E. Aldrin, ventriloquist Paul Winchell, TV personality Merv Griffin, actor Eddie Albert, and comedian Bill Dana. Dues are $55 the first year, $20 thereafter. 2,600 members, 19 chapters.

Izaak Walton League of America, 1800 North Kent Street, Suite 806, Arlington, Va. 22209. Founded in 1922 by 54 sportsmen and outdoor writers and named for 17th-century author and conservationist Izaak Walton. Committed "to the purity of water, clarity of air, and the wise stewardship of the land and its resources." Sponsors a large number of citizen action projects, including "Save Our Streams-Adopt One." Over 150 streams and waterways have been formally "adopted" by citizen volunteers who have pledged to protect them through cleanup projects, water quality testing, and habitat improvement. Has land acquisition and preservation programs, provides a variety of educational programs, and supports scholarship programs to aid young adults who are pursuing careers in environmental studies. Dues are $10 a year and include a subscription to the monthly magazine, Outdoor America. Offers reduced rates on wildlife art, books, jewelry, and apparel. 50,000 members, 500 chapters.

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