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About a variety of groups, meetings, organizations of clubs including the London Club with their history, membership numbers and contact information.


Local Self-Reliance, Institute for, 1717 18th Street N.W., Washington, D.C. 20009. Founded in 1974 and "committed to urban life and to the resolution of some of the problems which face the 75% of Americans who do live in urban areas." Conducts research and provides technical assistance to municipalities and community organizations. Supported in part by the sale of literature. Among the materials available from the institute: "Composting in the City" (12-page brochure-75 cent); "Urban Gardening Chart" (two-color wall chart that shows when and how to plant 50 major vegetables-$3); Energy for Survival (652-page book-$4.95). Publishes a bimonthly newsletter. An individual membership is $25 and includes a subscription to the newsletter and a 20% discount on all publications. Total number of members not given.

London Club, P.O. Box 4527, Topeka, Kans. 66604. Founded in 1975 "to promote research into cases involving unsolved crime, past and present." Aims to bring together experts from many fields of criminal investigation; members include attorneys, investigative reporters, educators, and interested individuals. Among the cases being studied: the Lincoln and Kennedy assassinations, the Jack the Ripper murders, and the Lizzie Borden ax murders. Publishes a quarterly journal, holds an annual convention, and asks $20 dues per year. Gives an annual Award of Merit for the best essay in criminal investigation. Membership is somewhat selective. Write for a detailed brochure which explains the requirements. 10,000 members.

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