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About a variety of groups, meetings, organizations of clubs including the Magicians Society of America with their history, membership numbers and contact information.


Magicians, Society of American, 66 Marked Tree Road, Needham, Mass. 02192. Founded in 1902 "to unite those associated in magic-not only professionals but amateurs, manufacturers of conjuring apparatus, collectors, and all who are in any way interested in magic." The monthly magazine, M-U-M (Magic-Unity-Might), teaches readers how to perform new tricks and techniques. Sponsors a magic library and a magic hall of fame. Holds an annual convention. Familiarizes members with all forms of magic-stage magic, comedy magic, clown magic, gospel magic, mental magic, close-up magic, and easy-to-do magic. Active or associate membership is open to those 17 years of age or older-$15 for the first year, $10 thereafter. Junior memberships (for those 14-17) are also available. Members have included Harry Houdini (past president for nine years), Harry Blackstone, Mark Wilson, Milton Berle, and Johnny Carson. 5,500 members, 100 chapters.

Man Watchers, Inc., 2865 State Street, San Diego, Calif. 92103. Founded in 1973. The slogan of this women's club is "It's our turn-on now," and its main objective is "to return the many compliments men have given us." Founder and president, Suzy Mallery, says that women who join "will enliven their social lives and stimulate conversation with men." A $5 fee covers the cost of a membership kit, which includes 20 WWW (Well Worth Watching) Award Cards to be presented to men worth watching. Also included in the kit are membership card and an instruction manual on how to become an expert man watcher. Publishes a newsletter three times a year. Selects the "10 Most Watchable Men" every year. 2,000 members.

Marble Collectors Society of America, P.O. Box 222, Trumbull, Conn. 06611. Founded in 1976 "to further the knowledge of marbles and marble collecting, and to establish a library and museum." Membership is $10 per year. Publishes a quarterly newsletter and a roster of members. Holds an annual convention. 500 members.

Miniature Enthusiasts, National Association of, P.O. Box 2621, Brookhurst Center, Anaheim, Calif. 92804. Founded in 1972 "to serve as a national clearinghouse for all miniature builders, collectors, artists, and writers who are interested in the miniature hobby." Publishes a quarterly, Miniature Gazette, which carries feature stories on the hobby, gives a calendar of events (local, regional, and national exhibits), and contains advertisements for everything from miniature wallpaper to solid-brass minitricycles. Membership is $8 a year. 5,000 members, 120 chapters.

Musical Box Society, International, Box 202, Route 3, Morgantown, Ind. 46160. Founded in 1949, it is "dedicated to the enjoyment, study, and preservation of automatic musical instruments." States that "music boxes can range from small tabletop music boxes-which use a cylinder or disc to play tunes on a steel musical comb-to large circus organs which have the musical capability of a symphony orchestra or a military brass band." Publishes The Bulletin, which contains a "mart" section that lists instruments, books, and related items for sale by members. Holds an annual convention. Dues are $15 per year. 1,800 members, 6 chapters.

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