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About a variety of groups, meetings, organizations of clubs including the Parachute Association with their history, membership numbers and contact information.


Parachute Association, U.S., 806 15th Street N.W., Suite 444, Washington, D.C. 20005. Founded in 1946. States that "sport parachuting has become an enjoyable and widely practiced activity for thousands of people who have little else in common." Its members include doctors, plumbers, mechanics, lawyers, secretaries, and students. Promotes and sanctions competitive sport parachuting and establishes standards for competition. Publishes a monthly magazine, Parachutist. Dues are $20 per year. 15,000 members, 75 chapters.

Playing Card Collectors, Inc., Chicago, 9645 South Leavitt Street, Chicago, Ill. 60643. Founded in 1951. States that collecting cards is "a hobby that offers educational diversion as well as keen mental stimulation-a hobby which envelops much of a country's history, intrigue, and romance." Publishes a bulletin every three months that gives information on mail auctions of cards, decks, and literature. Domestic membership is $4 a year; foreign membership is $5. Those members in the Chicago area meet every month. For a membership application, sample cards, and a copy of the bulletin, send 75 cent to the above address. 1,000 members.

Prospectors Club International, P.O. Box 1057, Anderson, Ind. 46015. Founded in 1963 "to promote the hobby for all treasure hunters, both the beginner and the experienced." Cost of membership is $10 and includes: a membership card, jacket emblem, glossy decal, a copy of Treasure Hunter's Field Guide, and a subscription to the monthly newspaper, The Prospector. Maintains a reference library. Sponsors an annual International Treasure Hunt. 3,500 members.

Puppeteers of America, c/o Executive Secretary, P.O. Box 1061, Ojai, Calif. 93023. Founded in 1937 "to put you in direct contact with professionals, amateurs, hobbyists, and just plain puppet fans from all over the North American continent and the world." Issues a bimonthly publication, Puppetry Journal, and retains consultants who will answer questions from members-without charge. Holds an annual national festival plus some regional festivals. Adult membership is $12 a year; $6 for those under 15. Members include noted puppeteers Bil Baird and Jim Henson. 2,550 members, 15 chapters.

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