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About a variety of groups, meetings, organizations of clubs including the National Council of Senior Citizens with their history, membership numbers and contact information.


Senior Citizens, National Council of, 1511 K Street N.W., Washington, D.C. 20005. Founded in 1961 as a "legislative-oriented national organization working to improve the lives of all older Americans." Was instrumental in securing the passage of the Medicare program and is currently working for passage of a national health insurance plan. Provides a national information and referral service. Sponsors group health insurance plans. Offers savings on prescription medications through Direct Drug Service, a mail-order pharmacy (over 10,000 drugs are available). Maintains a travel service that secures discounts on both individual and group travel. Publishes a monthly newsletter, Senior Citizens News. Holds a national convention every two years. Individual memberships are $4 per year, and family memberships are $5. 3,500,000 members, 3,500 chapters.

Small Towns Institute, Box 517, Ellensburg, Wash. 98926. Founded in 1969 "to find new solutions to problems affecting small towns and rural areas in the modern world." Publishes a monthly journal, Small Town, which contains information on land-use planning, industrial and economic development, education, housing, recreation development, and many other community issues. Members include business leaders, public officials, educators, local citizens--anyone interested in maintaining small communities as modern alternatives to urban life. Distributes a variety of handbooks and brochures. A pamphlet, "Ideas and Resources," is free upon request. Dues are $15 per year. 3,500 members.

Soaring Society of America, P.O. Box 66071, Los Angeles, Calif. 90066. Founded in 1932 to promote soaring activity (building and flying to gliders and sailplanes). Supervises the establishment of national and world soaring records in the U.S., sanctions the three national soaring championships each year, and sponsors the U.S. team for the biannual World Gliding Championships. Publishes three magazines and issues the American Soaring Handbook. Members pay $20 per year; student memberships are available for $10. Prominent members include songwriter Jimmy Webb, actor William Conrad, actor Larry Linville, actress Susan Oliver, and astronaut James Lovell. 13,300 members, 102 chapters.

Stinking Rose, Lovers of the, 1043 Cragmont Avenue, Berkeley, Calif. 94708. Founded in 1974 "to bring to garlic lovers, gourmets, herbalists, alternative medicine students, and cultured people everywhere up-to-date information (recipes, medical data, folklore, jokes, gossip, arts and crafts) on the miracle bulb, garlic." For a lifetime membership fee of $10, you will receive a copy of The Book of Garlic by the organization's founder, Lloyd J. Harris, and a copy of the annual newsletter, The Garlic Times. Holds an annual garlic feast in Berkeley, Calif. Members include TV personality Ralph Story, author Henry Miller, and restaurateur Trader Vic. 300 members.

Sweet Adelines, Inc., 5334 E. 46th Street, Tulsa, Okla., 74135. Founded in 1947. Is an international organization of women whose purpose is "to teach the American folk art of singing four-part harmony, barbershop-style, and through performances, to encourage a universal appreciation of the tradition of that music." Have made USO-sponsored hospital tours in Japan, Okinawa, Guam, the Philippines, and Vietnam, as well as appearances in stateside military hospitals. Publishes a quarterly magazine, The Pitch Pipe, and holds an annual international convention. Dues are $15 per year. 27,654 members, 631 chapters.

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