Hall of Fame for Great Americans 1960

About the members of the Hall of Fame for Great Americans for 1960 including Edison, Thoreau, MacDowell and others.



There were 141 electors, so 71 votes were required for election.

Having been successful in their campaign to elect "Stonewall" Jackson, the United Daughters of the Confederacy concentrated on Jefferson Davis in 1960. Letters were sent to all electors stating the case for the Confederate president. He did not get chosen, but the advertising must have done some good, for Davis received 44 votes as opposed to 1 vote in 1955. The supporters of Thoreau were victorious after 60 years of effort. In 1900 Thoreau got 3 votes and in 1960 he got 83.

Thomas A. Edison, inventor (108)

Henry David Thoreau, author (83). The bust of Thoreau was unveiled on the 100th anniversary of his death, May 6, 1962. Some of the members of the Thoreau Society were outraged to learn that the bust had cost more than $10,000. They felt the frugal Thoreau would have been appalled at the expense and the ceremony of the occasion.

Edward A. MacDowell, composer (72)

Andrew Carnegie rose to 65 votes but fell short of election. Pres. Calvin Coolidge was nominated but did not get a single vote. Those receiving 1 vote were black author Paul Dunbar, Archbishop John Ireland, and philanthropist Judah Touro.

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