Hall of Fame for Great Americans 1965

About the members of the Hall of Fame for Great Americans for 1965 including Holmes, Thayer, Wright and others.



There were 124 electors, so 63 votes were required for election.

Jane Addams, reformer (94)

Oliver Wendell Holmes, jurist (79)

Sylvanus Thayer, educator (77). Thayer (1785-1872) is called the father of West Point for his leadership at the U.S. Military Academy from 1817 to 1833. The professional army societies went all out to have him elected.

Orville Wright, inventor (74). A precedent was set when Orville Wright was allowed to enter after being dead only 17 years. He joined his brother, who was elected in 1955.

As before, Carnegie was the runner-up with 44 votes. Pathologist William Henry Welch also received 44. For the fifth consecutive election, poet Joyce Kilmer was a candidate without ever receiving a vote. One vote each went to artist George Caleb Bingham, financier Paul M. Warburg, and inventor John Stevens, who had been instrumental in bringing about the first U.S. patent laws in 1790.

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