Hall of Fame for Great Americans 1973

About the members of the Hall of Fame for Great Americans for 1973 including Carver, Brandeis, Roosevelt and others.



There were 134 electors, so 68 votes were required for election.

George Washington Carver, scientist (104)

Louis D. Brandeis, jurist (98)

Franklin D. Roosevelt, statesman (87)

John Philip Sousa, composer (78)

Runner-up with 57 votes was Noah Webster, compiler of the first American dictionary of the English language, who had received 50 votes in 1925 and then dropped to only 1 in 1960. Among those eligible for the first time in 1973 were automobile designer Henry Ford with 29 votes, Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes with 12, and New York City mayor Fiorello La Guardia with 11. Two votes went to baseball player Babe Ruth; this was the first time any athlete had been considered. Lesser-known Americans receiving at least 1 vote included surgeon John Billings, chemist Gilbert Lewis, and physician Crawford Long. Henry George, who had nearly been chosen in 1935, got 1 vote in 1973.

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