Heirs for Last Wills and Testaments Animals and Pets Part 3

About a number of people who have left things to their pets in their last will and testament.


* Mary B. Snow left her husband totally out of her will. However, she didn't forget her horses, who got $32,000 worth of care, and her dogs, who got $1,000 each.

* A St. Bernard by the name of T-Bone owned by American journalist Lucius Beebe not only inherited a $15,000 trust fund when Beebe died in 1966, but he also got unlimited use of Beebe's private railroad car, which had been purchased originally so that T-Bone could accompany Beebe on trips.

* It was thought to be a case of murder when Gigi, one of the two canaries with whom Tommie, a cat, shared the $250,000 estate of Mrs. Andree O. Montet, was found dead under suspicious circumstances. An autopsy was carried out at the request of the estate's attorney, and Tommie was proven innocent. Nevertheless, in the interest of Co-Co, the surviving canary, Tommie was closely watched ever after.

* In August, 1971, a dog named Viking was considered to be the wealthiest animal in the world when he inherited a block of real estate in Munich, Germany. The leftovers from his estate will go to a Munich animal shelter.

Even petless people have left large sums either to found new animal protection societies or to support existing ones. For example, the English RSPCA estimates that it is willed $4.5 million annually.

* Elsie Ferguson, a popular actress in the 1920s, left $500,000 to be divided among a number of animal-care organizations.

* According to Frank Thomas in his book Last Will and Testament, Jonathan Jackson, of Columbus, O., was a 19th-century cat lover who "left orders in his will for a cat's home to be built, with instructions how it was to be laid out: there were to be dormitories, a refectory, areas for conversation, grounds for exercise, gently sloping roofs for climbing, rat holes for sport, an auditorium where the cats were to meet every day and listen to an accordion for one hour [that instrument was the nearest approximation he could think of to a cat's voice], and an infirmary. A surgeon and nurses were to be employed to look after the cats."

* Adolphe Metzer left $11,000 in a trust fund for homeless dogs. The money is not to be touched, though, until the year 2163, when the interest accrued will have raised the principal to over $200 million.

* Lillian Schaaf willed her $1 million estate for a new animal shelter to be built on land she owned outside Worthington, O.-despite the fact that it had been over 20 years since Mrs. Schaaf had last had a pet.

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