History and Cases of Reincarnation Past Lives of Taylor Caldwell Part 2

About the history of reincarnation in the case of Taylor Caldwell a writer who discovered past lives while attempting to disprove them.


Taylor Caldwell Meets Her Other Selves

In England, she experienced four lives. In the latter half of the 18th century she was a servant girl who was raped and killed before she had turned 14. As Lucy Moss, she lived in Reddish, England. She did not know the year, for she was only five when she drowned. Taylor Caldwell saw herself next as Jeannie McGill, servant girl to Mary Ann Evans, who wrote under the pen name of George Eliot. In this life she was sent to the workhouse on the charge of stealing a ring. She took her own life there at age 16. The last previous life Miss Caldwell had had to suffer through was that of Wilma Sims, born in a work-house in 1877. She earned her living sewing and died of consumption in 1898. Taylor Caldwell was born in England two years later.

Miss Caldwell remembered herself living between these lives on a planet called Melina, where she was the beloved of its lord, the archangel Darios. There she had met Estanbul, a mortal like herself, whom she knows as Marcus Reback, her husband of 40 years in her present incarnation. As Wilma Sims she had met him in a boardinghouse. He was then named Ephraim Jacobs, and had paid little attention to the dying Wilma. For Sister Maria Theresa, Estanbul manifested himself as Father Francisco, a fellow Marrano associated with the convent that was her home. Darios, as an archangel, stood outside the constant cycle of her earthly incarnations, but he managed to aid her in subtle ways by making his presence felt, or so Miss Caldwell intimated under hypnosis.

The Reaction

I had warned Jess that I am a novelist, and perhaps some or most of the material had lain fallow in my subconscious, and was only the creative power waiting dormantly in my mind for expression through future books. I wanted to believe that. I still believe it. I still heartily reject the idea of reincarnation.

--Taylor Caldwell in The Search for a Soul by Jess Stearn

The amount of material Taylor Caldwell managed to retrieve from the depths of her subconscious is so voluminous that it is hard to use it to substantiate or refute the concept of reincarnation. Miss Caldwell herself claims to be unconvinced that reincarnation occurs, yet she does admit to having strong conscious memories of a house she thinks was Mary Ann Evans's, though she has never visited it as Taylor Caldwell. She has always felt a terrific aversion to Florence, Italy, which her subconscious memories suggest is a result of her persecution as Savonarola's follower. And she believes in a "presence" named Darios who has in this lifetime manifested himself to her in different ways.

As a novelist she has written of a planet called Melina, in Dialogues with the Devil. She has written two books about doctors, Dear and Glorious Physician and Testimony of Two Men. Her devotion to these topics, in and out of hypnosis, may be due to previous incarnations or it may simply be the result of a well-developed creative imagination. Jess Stearn indicates that she was extremely suggestible under hypnosis, and because he was actively seeking to show that her novels evolved from her experiences in her past lives, the interplay of hopes and emotions involved may well have interfered with objectivity.

Proof of reincarnation is nowhere evidenced here, as Miss Caldwell realized, but its possibility is haunting, and the suggestion can be laid to rest only by a more thorough study of this fascinating woman's remarkable mind.

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