History and Cases of Reincarnation Search for Bridey Murphy Part 1

About the history and cases of reincarnation in the case of Virginia Tighe a possible reincarnate of Bridey Murphy..


The Search for Bridey Murphy

The Revelation

In the comfortable living room of his home in Pueblo, Colo., on the night of Nov. 29, 1952, amateur hypnotist Morey Bernstein listened, incredulous, as his deeply entranced subject calmly recited detail after detail of a life she remembered herself having lived in Ireland during the lived in Ireland during the 19th century.

The subject was a lively and attractive young 20th-century housewife, Virginia Tighe. Bernstein had worked with her twice before and had found her extraordinarily responsive to hypnotic suggestion. He wanted to use her unusual sensitivity to further his experiments in the common hypnotic technique known as "age regression," so she had agreed to this particular session.

Mrs. Tighe lay stretched out on the couch; her husband and Bernstein's wife comprised the audience. Bernstein turned on the tape recorder and quickly put Mrs. Tighe into a deep trance. He then asked her to recall an event from her childhood, which she did. In a series of gradual steps backward, she remembered incidents from grade school, then kindergarten, then when she was three years old, then one year old, as she went through the regression process. At this point Bernstein was ready to add an extra dimension, to have her memories predate the moment of birth--go "over the hump," as he expressed it. He asked her to remember even further back, to find herself "in some other scene, in some other place, in some other time." After an anxious few minutes, the subject complied with his suggestion by describing herself as a child scratching the paint off a metal bed. Bernstein finally asked her name, and Virginia Tighe replied, "Bridey Murphy."

Who Was Who

The life Mrs. Tighe described as the redheaded Bridey Murphy was a simple one. Bridey had been born on Dec. 20, 1798, the only daughter of Kathleen and Duncan Murphy. She had two brothers, one of whom died of an illness when she was four. The other, Duncan, was two years older than Bridey. The family lived just outside of Cork, in a house called "The Meadows." Her father was a barrister (he "practiced legal business," according to Bridey), who did some "cropping," or farming, on the side.

Bridey attended a school for young ladies, Mrs. Strayne's Day School, where she learned "to be a lady . . . just house things . . . and proper things." At 17 she met her future husband, Sean Brian Joseph MacCarthy. Though he was a Catholic and she a Protestant, or Orange, as she described herself, they married when she was 20 and moved to Belfast. Apparently, MacCarthy was also a barrister and taught law at nearby Queen's University. They had no children and remained in Belfast the rest of their lives. Bridey died of a fall down some stairs in 1864, when she was 66. As a spirit, she remained in her house until her husband died, then continued her existence in a sort of limbo until she emerged in her new existence as Virginia Tighe in 1923.

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