History and Cases of Reincarnation Six Lives of Jane Evans Part 1

About the history of reincarnation in the case of Jane Evans a Welsh woman with six past lives.


Six Previous Lives

The Revelation

It began in 1971 with a poster that read: "Arnall Bloxham says rheumatism is psychological."

Once a sufferer of rheumatoid arthritis, Jane Evans, a 32-year-old Welsh housewife, found the statement hard to believe, so she decided to get in touch with the man responsible for it. Through a friend of her husband she did--and ultimately got in touch with six of her former lives as well.

Jane Evans (not her real name) is only one of more than 400 examples of regression to prior lives tape-recorded by hypnotherapist Arnall Bloxham. As Evans recalled the story five years later, the catalyst in her case was a casual remark she made while she and her husband were visiting Mr. and Mrs. Bloxham at their home just outside Cardiff, in southern Wales. Commenting on how she enjoyed reading about Tibet and Greece, Evans added that she didn't know why. Bloxham, not only an expert on reincarnation but a man with vivid recollections of a prior life of his own, thought Evans's interests might be similarly explained. With her permission, he regressed her six times under hypnosis; and while he never heard a word about Tibet or Greece, he did find evidence of six prior lives spanning a period of more than 1,600 years.

The story of Jane Evans and several other examples of reincarnation were brought to light by BBC television producer Jeffrey Iverson in his book More Lives Than One? In seeking to verify the theory of prior lives, Iverson listened to the Bloxham tapes, searching for experiences that could be proved through an impartial investigation of the historical facts they contained. He found that Evans's regressions--more specifically, three of her six lives--were so filled with historical detail that they offered a real opportunity to obtain the proof he was looking for. In 1975 and 1976, with her permission (granted on the condition that her identity remain secret), Bloxham hypnotized and regressed Iverson again--this time in the presence of a BBC television camera and tape recorder--and then set out to find whether she did, in fact, have more lives than one.

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