History and Cases of Reincarnation Six Lives of Jane Evans Part 2

About the history of reincarnation in the case of Jane Evans a Welsh woman with six past lives.


Six Previous Lives

Who Was Who

In her earliest regression, Jane Evans became Livonia, wife of the tutor Titus, in the town of Eboracum, Roman Britain, in the year 286 A.D. Since Titus's pupil was the son of Constantius, the Roman governor of Britain, he and Livonia lived in a villa and enjoyed a firsthand view of a good deal of the era's political intrigue. When, during a short-lived British revolt against Roman rule, the governor's wife, Helena, and his son, Constantine, were forced to flee to Verulamium, Titus and Livonia accompanied them. Eventually all four were converted to Christianity, and Livonia's story ended as she and Titus were murdered during the final Roman purge of the Christians. (What Livonia never knew was that Helena would become St. Helena and Constantine would become none other than Constantine the Great, the emperor who established Christianity as the religion of the entire Roman Empire.)

In her next regression, Jane Evans remained in Eboracum, now known as York, this time as a Jewess named Rebecca in the year 1189. Her husband was Joseph, a moneylender, and she spoke with fear and scorn of the attitude of the Christians, who, she claimed, borrowed money to finance their wars and build their cathedrals, then persecuted the Jews unmercifully in return. Like Livonia, Rebecca was murdered, this time by a Christian mob during the York massacre as she and her two children attempted to hide in the cellar of a church located just outside the city gates.

Next, Jane Evans became Alison, a teenage servant employed by Jacques Coeur, a wealthy 15th-century French merchant and financier who was also a confidant and adviser of King Charles VII and ultimately his treasurer. Alison's story included a great many observations about the comings and goings of high-ranking Frenchmen in the royal court and ended with the untimely downfall of Coeur. It is clear from her account that she was deeply in love with him, and there is evidence to indicate that he was in love with her as well. Alison's story ended as she took poison given to her by Coeur, while the king's soldiers arrived to take him away.

In her last three regressions--all less historically detailed than the first three--Jane Evans was Ann Tasker, a 17-year-old sewing girl in early 18th-century London; Anna, a 16th century lady-in-waiting to Spanish Princess Catherine; and Sister Grace, a nun in a Maryland convent in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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