History of Palimstry or Palm Reading Part 2

About the history of palmistry or palm reading an ancient form of fortune telling, followers, and a do it yourself guide.


Most revealing, however, are the palms themselves and a comparison of the right and left palm. The left shows qualities you were born with, and the right reveals what you have done with those qualities. Anything that shows up clearly in both hands represents a very strong quality.

Palmists use four important lines to read personality and make statements about your past and predictions about your future. These are the head, heart, fate, and life lines. (See illustration.) The life line is said by some to give a general indication of how long you will live. Breaks, or "islands," in the life line show periods of illness, personal stress, or great nervous tension. A clearly delineated, visible life line shows a strong life, filled with purpose and adventure. Small branching lines rising from the life line are called "lines of personal effort" and reveal a person trying hard to improve his or her life.

There are two basic kinds of head lines: one that runs almost straight across the hand, and one that slopes, more or less parallel to the fingers. The straight head line shows a practical, go-getter personality. The sloping head line belongs to the sensitive, artistic nature. Gaps in the head line can show lapses of judgment; a wavering line means you are probably pulled to and fro by conflicting desires.

To learn about the likely development of your love life, look at your heart line. If it is long, with many branching lines, then love will play an important part in your life. Each branch is a minor love affair. When many small lines intersect the heart line, you can expect numerous disappointments in love. The lines that cross the heart line, as well as any breaks in the line, can also be interpreted as health warnings.

The fate line may be almost entirely lacking in a very strong, active person who determines his own fate. But usually the fate line is fairly clear, and is believed by most palmists to be the most revealing line of all. The most important events in your life will occur in the most deeply and clearly marked part of the line. (The beginning of the line near the wrist is the start of life.) A cross in the line is an indicator of change; deep lines that cut the fate line show important obstacles that must be overcome; and breaks in the fate line indicate major changes in your life.

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