Household Hints and Tips for the Bedroom

Some helpful household hints and tips for the bedroom.



* To avoid pulling dresser drawers out too far, paint a warning mark on the top of the sides of the drawer. When you see the marks, you'll stop before you spill the contents on the floor.

* Shoe boxes stored on high shelves are easier to take down if a small finger hole is cut in the front of each box near the bottom.

* Grandma knew how to mothproof without using smelly camphor. She just lined boxes with newspapers, overlapping them carefully. Then the folded garments were wrapped separately, sealed with tape, and labeled for easy identification. These packages could be stored in any dry place and be safe from moths. Seems that moths dislike the taste of printer's ink and will not touch clothes packed in this manner.

* Wire coat hangers can easily hold skirts or pants if you use clip-type clothespins along the bottom of the hanger. Very simple for children to use.

* To help children distinguish between their own clothing and that of other children in the family, color-code all hangers with colored tape and assign each child a color. For socks, T-shirts, and underwear, a stitch or two of thread of the same color will do the trick. (Helps you as you sort the laundry, too.)

* To save time making beds, stitch the bottom corners of your bedspread together like a contour sheet, so it fits the mattress. This saves running from one side of the bed to the other to straighten the spread.

* To eliminate opening sheets to see their size, buy each size in a different color.

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