Household Hints and Tips for the Home Part 1

Some helpful miscellaneous household hints and tips for various parts of the house.



* To make a homemade wood filler that bonds as well as commercial wood dough, mix fine sawdust with glue. Use this immediately to fill holes and cracks. It will be clear when it hardens, and can be sanded and then sealed with varnish or painted.

* To clean dirty photographs, wipe them lightly with absorbent cotton dipped in alcohol.

* Use a large cork to hold loose thumbtacks.

* Remove the brushes from your old hair rollers and use them to support a flower arrangement in a vase.

* Fold and bind newspapers, then cover them with fabric. Great for booster seats or to use on the patio.

* Scotch tape won't stick to the roll, or be wasted by folding it over, if you stick a small button under the loose end.

* If you want to drive a nail into a hard-to-reach spot, press a wad of modeling clay on the surface, insert the nail, then start hammering. Remove the clay when the nail is secure.

* If the lights go out, you will easily be able to find a fuse if you have one taped to the inside of the fuse-box door.

* A strip of aluminum foil pressed over the rim of an open paint can will keep the groove clean while you are painting. The can will then be easy to close and reopen.

* When painting a stairway that is in constant use, paint every other step and let them dry well. Then paint the alternate steps. Meanwhile you'll get some good exercise going up and down two stairs at a time.

* No ruler? Use a dollar bill. The bill is 1/8 in. more than 6 in. in length. Not perfect, but close enough in a pinch.

* A drop or two of ammonia on a rusty screw that won't come out will loosen it.

* Spread newly cut grass on a dirty garage floor and let it stand for several hours before sweeping. Musty, oily odors will disappear.

* A large pine cone spread with a mixture of peanut butter, corn meal, and grain cereals makes an exciting bird feeder. Hang it outside a window and watch the birds feeding closeup.

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