Household Hints and Tips for the Home Part 2

Some helpful miscellaneous household hints and tips for various parts of the house.



* Use cotton swabs for applying your eye makeup. You will always have a clean applicator.

* Salad oil removes tar from feet.

* Dig your nails into a bar of soap before doing dirty work. This will prevent dirt from getting under them.

* Cover often-used clothing patterns with clear contact paper to keep the pieces from tearing. They will lie flat and can be cut around more easily.

* Use the shavings from the pencil sharpener, or fresh kitty litter, to fill your pincushion. The graphite from the lead will keep your pins rustfree.

* As a special gift for Grandma, trace a child's drawing onto a white apron and add the child's signature. Then embroider it, or use liquid embroidery, in the original colors the child used.

* Golf tees glued to the bottom of an empty box make great thread-spool holders.

* Use newspapers to dry windows and mirrors after spraying. Printer's ink leaves a protective coating on the glass that makes it shine. Plus, you'll save the cost of paper towels.

* Use fluorescent bulbs wherever possible. A 40-watt fluorescent gives twice the light of a 100-watt incandescent and uses less electricity.

* You can make your own custom-styled wrapping paper. Tear off two sheets of waxed paper, then cut out pictures from a magazine. Gently press them between the sheets of waxed paper using a warm iron. You'll be surprised at the pretty wrappings you've designed. You won't need ribbons; just seal the ends with the warm iron.

* To postpone the mending of new jeans, install an iron-on patch inside the knee areas before the first wearing. The pants will wear longer and will not need mending for a long time.

* To avoid retying shoelaces, wipe them with a wet cloth before you tie them. They'll stay tied all day.

* To protect your garden tools from rusting, add some motor oil to a pail of sand. After using your tools, plunge them into the sand once or twice. Especially good if the tools are damp after use.

* Catch rainwater to water your house plants with. They will become much healthier. Great for washing your hair, too.

* Save short pieces of yarn and thread to decorate new homes for baby birds. In the springtime, scatter these colorful bits on the shrubs around your home for the birds to use in building their nests.

* When presenting a handmade gift, include any leftover material or yarn. Also include washing instructions and extra buttons.

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