Household Hints and Tips for the Kitchen Part 1

Some helpful household hints and tips for the kitchen.



* Putting an extra handle on your kitchen screen door, down low enough for your toddler to reach, will eliminate your having to open the door each time the child wants in or out.

* To measure spaghetti without a scale, wrap a tape measure or a marked piece of string around a bundle of spaghetti and use this table:

2 oz. = 2 1/2-in. bundle

4 oz. = 3 1/2-in. bundle

8 oz. = 4 1/2-in. bundle

12 oz. = 5 1/2-in. bundle

1 lb. = 6 1/2-in. bundle

* When you boil milk, you can keep it from scorching if you rinse out the pan with cold water before adding milk.

* For vegetarians who like gravy with their meals: Save the water from cooking vegetables and thicken with cream and peanut butter. A very old application for a modern-day trend.

* To remove the silk strands from fresh corn on the cob, wipe the ears with a damp paper towel.

* To locate the spice you need quickly, arrange the jars alphabetically on the shelf.

* To make a tasty summer soup from leftover vegetables, puree them in a blender with a little tomato juice until smooth. Chill well and serve with a thin slice of lemon as a garnish.

* When in doubt, do not stir a cold mixture into hot liquid. Mix a little of the hot liquid into the cold mixture first, to warm it. Then blend it into the hot liquid. This eliminates lumps and curdles.

* To keep hard-boiled eggs from cracking and overcooking to the rubber-ball stage, start them in cold water and simmer gently for 15 minutes. After cooking, rinse them immediately under cold water. This will keep the yolks from turning green and will loosen the shells.

* Save your empty egg shell halves to start seeds. Put the shells into the open egg carton so they can be moved into the sunlight easily. When ready to transplant, just plant the seedlings--shell and all. The shells will decompose and supply fertilizer at the same time.

* Soak lemons, oranges, and limes in warm water before squeezing to get more juice. Rolling and pressing them on the sink first also helps produce more juice.

* You can revive limp celery, lettuce, and carrots by soaking them in ice water for an hour. Add a teaspoon of sugar or honey to freshen the flavor.

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