How to Make Money Collecting Things

About how to turn a collecting hobby into a money making venture, introduction, information, and tips.

How to Make Money Collecting Things

The human animal shares a hoarding instinct with pack rats, bears, birds, and monkeys. The early Egyptians were, as far as we know, the first big-time collectors. Their tombs have given us practically every artifact they invented, produced, or discovered. If the medieval Europeans hadn't been such storehouse accumulators, much of ancient art, literature, history, and philosophy would have been lost to us.

People collect anything: newspapers, gum wrappers, bottle caps, used bars of soap, string, jail padlocks, barbed wire, rags, old tires, broken toys, buttons. One New York City blue blood collects human skulls; so does that greatest of acquisitors, the Smithsonian Institution--20,000 of them to date. But most collectors limit themselves to familiar items which are constantly changing in value. Worthless junk becomes a valuable collectible when two or more collectors are trying to acquire it. These artifacts provide not only the thrill of the hunt but, once found, the satisfaction of their presence and the financial security of their value, which often increases as time goes by.

Not every book, button, or piece of barbed wire is valuable, of course. Only a precious few.

The following are collectibles that can, if you use good sense, do more than fill your time and your house. Where they might turn up is your guess. One of the world's scarcest stamps, a Hawaiian "missionary," was found under peeling wallpaper. One unsuspecting book buyer discovered a sheaf of Ben Franklin's personal documents in the binding. That Action Comics #1 that sold for a few cents back in 1938 is worth $4,200 to the person who finds it stashed in a trunk today, and Donald Duck watches sell easily for $400.

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