How to Protect Your House from Fire Part 1

About how to protect your house from fire, safety tips and precautions.



There are seven basic steps in protecting your home from fire: (1) Be careful with smoking materials. (2) Check your home every evening before retiring for early warning signs of fire. (3) Have a fire plan. (4) Be sure your family knows how to get out of the house in case of fire. (5) Consider buying a smoke detection system. (6) Consult an expert if you have any questions. (7) In the event of fire, do not panic.

Necessary Precautions

Most fires in homes today start in the living areas--living room, dining room family room, or bedrooms. Many of these fires are caused by carelessness with cigarettes.

It is an easy procedure to walk through your home each night before retiring to look for signs of smoldering cigarettes, appliances that are not turned off, or gas leaks. Since the majority of residential fires occur at night--when people are sleeping--catching these hazards ahead of time is crucial.

Use your common sense. Be careful with your smoking materials. In the kitchen, do not keep flammable items near the stove. Know what to put on a fire if it starts. Baking soda is good for grease fires; water only makes them worse.

A fire extinguisher, even a small one, located near the kitchen (perhaps on the service porch or in the laundry room) is a wise investment. But be sure that the fire extinguisher is rated to put out kitchen fires. What the extinguisher is designed to do is stated on the outside. Rather than bother trying to determine which one is best for you, just get an extinguisher that is rated to control all three primary types of fires: (1) ordinary combustibles such as paper and wood; (2) flammable liquids, such as fat, gasoline, and grease; and (3) electrical fires. Read the directions carefully. Teach everyone in your family how to operate the extinguisher, and do not buy one that is too heavy for a child of nine or ten to lift.

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