How to Protect Your House from Fire Part 2

About how to protect your house from fire, safety tips and precautions, the value of a plan and smoke detector.


The Value of a Fire Plan

In the event of fire, your primary goal is to get out of the house immediately. This means you should have an escape plan, which has been practiced by your family.

Each bedroom should have two designated emergency exists--a primary exit, or door, and a secondary exit, or window. If you awaken and suspect there is a fire in the house, feel the closed bedroom door. If it is warm, the fire is nearby, and you should use the secondary exit. Your children should also be taught this routine. They should know how to get out of their bedrooms through a window if necessary. Keep an inexpensive rope ladder in bedrooms on the second floor. Also predetermine a meeting place for all members of the family in case of fire. That way, no one will charge back into a fire looking for someone who is standing on the front lawn.

Protection from a Smoke Detector

If you really want to protect yourself against the dangers of fire, invest in a smoke detector. These are relatively inexpensive and can be easily installed by plugging them into the wall. The noise they make when smoke reaches them is loud enough to wake up you and your children down the hall. All you have to do is remember that they should be serviced or checked out regularly. If you buy an alarm that operates on a battery, get the kind that emits a warning noise when the battery is low.

Again, consult an expert if you have any questions. Or contact your local fire department and ask to have someone make recommendations for fire detection equipment for your home. If you plan wisely for the safety of your family in the event of fire, you will never be a fire fatality statistic.

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