How to Protect Your House from Theft Deterrents & Safeguards

About additional deterrents and safeguards you can use to protect your house from theft and burglary.


Additional Deterrents and Safeguards

Good lighting outside your home will also offer you a great deal of protection against the intruder. If there is nowhere for him to hide, he will probably move on. Lighting should cover not only the front of your home but also the sides and the back. Lights should be turned on as soon as it gets dark and should not be turned off until the next morning. You can set the lights on a timer. Then, if you are not home, the lights will go on and spoil potential cover for a burglar.

One more deterrent to intruders is a watchdog. A barking dog will attract attention to the burglar. It will harass him, it may injure him, and for sure, it is not going to let him do what he wants in peace. In an apartment, especially, a dog is invaluable.

Apartments and condominiums offer some special hazards. For instance, you never know who had the key to your apartment before you moved in. Therefore, you should request that the landlord change the locks. If he isn't interested in making the investment, then add a few extra precautions of your own. A sliding bolt applied to the inside of the door will help. Even a chain lock (which is generally ineffective in keeping someone out) will catch an old tenant by surprise. Also, if your door does not have a peephole, talk to the landlord about adding one. You should never open the door to someone until you are sure you know who it is.

Also, when selecting an apartment or buying a condominium with an apartment-type hall plan, avoid the units next to the emergency stairwells. These are excellent hiding places for a burglar to duck into while he is in the process of breaking into the nearest unit.

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