How to Protect Your House from Theft Expert Help

About how to contact expert help to protect your house from theft and burglary.


Getting Help from an Expert

If at this point you still do not feel that you have adequate protection against intrusion, talk to an expert. Call your local police station and ask if an officer will come to your home and check it for vulnerabilities. Get his recommendations. If he suggests an alarm system, or if you feel that one is necessary, look in the yellow pages of your telephone directory for an alarm specialist.

This person preferably should represent a number of alarm companies. He should sell the equipment, install it, maintain it, and guarantee it. The representative of a specific company is undoubtedly prejudiced about the value of his company's equipment. A generalist in this area will be of more help. Describe to him what you want to protect. Have him look at your home and make recommendations. Get specifics on what the equipment, maintenance, service fees, and installation will cost. Make sure that he demonstrates very clearly to you just how everything works. Most false alarms (over 90%) are caused by owner error.

Understand your own needs and your purposes very well before committing yourself to any kind of alarm system. There are many different types, so comparison-shop, get the best advice you can, then choose intelligently.

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