How to Survive a Natural Disaster Aftermath

About how to survive a natural disaster, specifically information about what to do in the aftermath.

How to Survive a Disaster


Use extreme caution in entering or working in buildings that may have been damaged or weakened by the disaster, as they may collapse without warning. Also, there may be gas leaks or electrical short circuits.

Don't bring lanterns, torches, or lighted cigarettes into buildings that have been flooded or otherwise damaged by a natural disaster, since there may be leaking gas lines or flammable material present.

Stay away from fallen or damaged electric wires, which may still be dangerous.

Check for leaking gas pipes in your home. Do this by smell only--don't use matches or candles. If you smell gas, do this: (1) Open all windows and doors. (2) Turn off the main gas valve at the meter. (3) Leave the house immediately. (4) Notify the gas company or the police or fire department. (5) Don't reenter the house until you are told it is safe to do so.

If any of your electrical appliances is wet, first turn off the main power switch in your house, then unplug the wet appliance, dry it out, reconnect it, and finally, turn on the main power switch. (Caution: Don't do any of these things while you are wet or standing in water.) If fuses blow when the electric power is restored, turn off the main power switch again and then inspect for short circuits in your home wiring, appliances, and equipment.

Check your food and water supplies before using them. Foods that require refrigeration may be spoiled if electric power has been off for some time. Don't eat food that has come in contact with flood waters. Follow instructions of local authorities concerning the use of food and water supplies.

If needed, get food, clothing, medical care, or shelter at Red Cross stations or from local government authorities.

Stay away from disaster areas. Sight-seeing could interfere with first aid or rescue work, and may be dangerous as well.

Don't drive unless necessary. Report hazards to local authorities.

Write, telegraph, or telephone your relatives when the emergency is over. Otherwise local authorities may waste time locating you. Do not tie up the telephone.

Do not pass on rumors.

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