How to Survive a Natural Disaster Earthquakes

About how to survive a natural disaster, specifically information about earthquakes.

How to Survive a Disaster



How to Prepare. As scientists have not yet found a way to predict an earthquake, the most you can do to prepare is know whether you are in an area frequented by earthquakes, and if so, whether your home's construction meets earthquake safety codes. Be prepared to deal with the emergencies that arise in the aftermath of an earthquake.

During the Disaster. When an earthquake happens, keep calm. Don't run or panic. If you are outdoors, stay outdoors; if indoors, stay indoors. Most earthquake injuries occur as people are entering or leaving buildings.

If indoors, sit or stand against an inside wall (preferably in the basement), or in an inside doorway; or else take cover under a desk, table, or bench (in case the wall or ceiling should fall). Stay away from windows and outside doors.

If outdoors, stay away from overhead electric wires, poles, or anything else that might shake loose and fall, such as cornices of tall buildings.

If driving, pull off the road and stop as soon as possible, and with caution. Remain in the car until the disturbance subsides. When you drive on, watch for hazards created by the earthquake, such as fallen or falling objects, downed electrical wires, and broken or undermined roadways.

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