How to Survive a Nuclear Attack Part 2

About how to survive a nuclear attack including information about warning signals and fallout shelters.

How to Survive a Disaster



Know the Attack Warning Signal. This will be sounded in your community only in case of enemy attack. The signal itself is a 3-to 5-minute wavering sound on sirens, or a series of short blasts on whistles, horns, or other devices, repeated as deemed necessary. It means that protective action should be taken immediately. Unless your local government has instructed otherwise, go immediately to a public fallout shelter or your home fallout shelter. Turn on your radio and listen for official information. Don't use the telephone to obtain further information or advice.

Know the locations of public fallout shelters and be able to identify the standard yellow and black fallout shelter sign which designates them. Your children should know now where to find a shelter at all times of the day.

Home fallout shelters are desirable in suburban or rural areas. The basements of some homes are usable as family fallout shelters as they now stand, especially if the house has two or more stories and its basement is below ground level. However, most home basements need added shielding material to protect occupants from the radiation given off by fallout particles. For comparative purposes, 4 in. of concrete would provide the same shielding density as:

--5-6 in. of bricks

--6 in. of sand or gravel (packed in bags, cartons, or boxes)

--7 in. of earth

--8 in. of hollow concrete blocks (6 in. if filled with sand)

--10 in. of water

--14 in. of books or magazines

--18 in. of wood.

Several plans for building home basement shelters as well as outdoor shelters may be obtained for no charge by writing:

The Department of Defense

Office of Civil Defense

The Pentagon

Washington, D.C. 20310

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