Kevin Goldstein-Jackson's Collection of Fun and Bizarre Trivia

A collection of random facts and fun trivia from oddity hunter Kevin Goldstein-Jackson including trivia about fish weight, mystery writer Edgar Wallace and bee stings.


Kevin Goldstein-Jackson's 10 Best Oddities

Kevin Goldstein-Jackson, who holds a degree in philosophy and sociology, is involved in the production of British television programs. He is the author of The Right Joke for the Right Occasion, The Leslie Frewin Book of Ridiculous Facts, and The World's Worst of Everything.

1. 14.7% of Italian prostitutes have university degrees.

2. Octavio Guillen and Adriana Martinez were engaged for 67 years before they finally married in Mexico City in 1969.

3. If a man weighing 150 Ib. had wings instead of arms, he would need to have a breastbone sticking out about 6 ft. in front of him in order to contain all the muscles necessary to power the wings sufficiently to make him fly.

4. For a man to gain 1 Ib. in weight by eating fish, it has been claimed that 1,000 Ib. of living matter must die first. This is because 1,000 lb. of plant plankton have to be eaten to produce 100 lb. of small creatures in the sea, which, in turn, are eaten to produce 10 lb. of fish, which is eaten by a man to produce 1 lb. in weight.

5. In 1960, a man hospitalized in the U.S. was found to have 258 abnormal items in his stomach--including 26 keys, 3 pairs of tweezers, 39 nail files, 88 coins, and 3 sets of rosary beads.

6. For six years a U.N. committee in Geneva failed to find a workable definition of the word aggression.

7. Edgar Wallace (1875-1932), a British writer, started his novel The Three Oaks Mystery on a Tuesday and delivered the completed manuscript to his publishers the following Friday.

8. Johannes Relleke survived 2,443 bee stings on Jan. 28, 1962, at the Gwai River in Rhodesia.

9. If the sun died out and it were possible to use all of the earth's resources of coal, oil, and other fuels to heat the earth, it would be possible to keep the earth as warm as it is now for only about three days before all those fuels were exhausted.

10. In 1147, there was one week with two Thursdays in it. Pope Eugenius III visited Paris in that year on a Friday. Since Friday was supposed to be a day for fasting, the pope issued a decree to say that Friday was Thursday, thus enabling the population to celebrate his arrival.

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