Languages with Few Speakers Cree

About the language Cree an Indian language from the Algonquian family spoken in parts of Canada, example and history.



How! ka sakihaytan nitootem

apaysis aykwu minu ki wi musinuumatin numeskwa kootuk kimusinuaykun niwaputen uspayn ka ki musinuumatan tanaysitookwe aysi uyayun mutwanaytshi ki miyooayun. mitoonay ni noote payten kiyuwuoo ootshi aykwanay maku ayshwayatsh kitu tukoopuyik pemiyakun unootsh ka kisikak patima aykwa ke ukwatikih aywukoo ootshi kisatsh unootsh ka kekisepuyik ka musinuaykeyan semak kitu miyooayan nistu mekwatsh.

Greetings, my very dear friend,

I am writing to you again, a little. I have not seen another letter from you since I wrote to you. I am wondering how you are. I wonder if you are in good health. I would really like to hear from you folks. Today's mail-plane will be the last to arrive before the freeze-up; therefore I am writing this letter this morning so that I may send it off immediately. I myself am well at this time.

Cree is one of the major Indian languages of Canada. It is spoken by about 30,000 people in the provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. Cree to this day is written in a system of syllabic symbols introduced by a Protestant missionary in the year 1840. The language belongs to the Algonquian family.

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