Languages with Few Speakers Frisian

About the language Frisian spoken in Holland, a form of low German that is closer than any other language to English.



It hat eigenskip, dat de Fryske bydrage ta de Amerikaenske literatuer tige biskieden is. Der binne einlik mar trije, fjouwer Fryske nammen, dy 't yn de Amerikaenske literaire wrald nei foaren komd binne. It binne allegearre nammen fan noch libjende Friezen, in biwiis dat de literaire kunst under de Fryske lanforhuzers har net ier ta bloei set hat. Faeks is it lykwols net sunder bitzjutting en unthjit dat de namme dy 't yn tiidsfolchhoarder it lest komt ek de meast forneamde is.

It stands to reason that the Frisian contribution to American literature is a very modest one. There are really only three or four Frisian names that have come to the fore in the American literary world. They are names of Frisian immigrants who are still living, a proof of the fact that literary art among the Frisian immigrants did not come to early fruition. Perhaps, however, it is not without significance or promise that the name which in point of time comes last is also the most noted.

Frisian is spoken in northern Holland, mainly in the province of Friesland, though some speakers are also to be found in the outlying Frisian Islands. A Low German dialect, it is considered closer than any other language to English. Courses in Frisian are offered at a number of Dutch universities. There are about 300,000 speakers.

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