Make Money Collecting Things Beer Cans Part 2

About how to make money collecting beer cans, where to buy and sell cans for your collection.

How to Make Money Collecting Things


Where to Look for Old Beer Cans

America is literally littered with beer cans. They can be hiding in dumps, lovers' lanes, empty buildings, dilapidated barns, abandoned railway stations, closed breweries, attics--practically anywhere. Houses built after 1935 sometimes have cans inside the walls, where some workman stowed them after drinking his lunch. Of course, older, more valuable cans are the hardest to find. Collectors have already combed all the obvious places, and if an old can has been stashed in a wet spot, it is probably rusting away. The basic rule for beer can collecting is LOOK EVERYWHERE.

How to Build a Modern Collection Free

First gather up all the cans sold in your area, making sure to keep a few extras of the scarce ones. Whenever you travel, bring cans home with you. If a friend is traveling, ask him to bring back some cans. Once you have built up a collection of duplicate cans, you can meet with other collectors to swap and trade. Annual canventions attract thousands of collectors from all over America.

Prices (1978)

For cans in Grade 1--very good--condition: 7-oz. Olympia Light cans were valued at $3--$5; 7-oz. Coors, Rolling Rock, Oly, and Pabst cans at $1-$3; 8-oz. Buccaneer Stout Malt Liquor can at $150; a 12-oz. Copenhagen Castle can at $150; a 16-oz. Soul Yellow Mellow can at $400; Soul Stout Malt Liquor (only 50 in existence) are valued at $500; 12-oz. Eureka cone-top cans at $350; 12-oz. William's Purple Cow cans (only 24 in existence) have sold for $1,000 each. These prices are estimates made by Art Russel, author of Beer Cans Unlimited, which includes pictures, prices, and articles on over 7,000 different beer cans.

Where to Sell Beer Cans

Beer can collectors should belong to one of the following organizations:

Beer Can Collectors of America

7500 Devonshire

St. Louis, Mo. 63119

Beer Cans Unlimited

3028 North Lindberg

St. Louis, Mo. 63074

World Wide Beer Can Collectors

P. O. Box 1852

Independence, Mo. 64055

The BCCA discourages buying and selling among its members. It prefers to maintain a fraternal interest in beer cans through trading alone.

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